In the classroom I am most interested in aiding students to find and develop their design skills in both, idea development and execution. One of my objectives is to help them develop an approach to conceptual thinking. An appreciation of a design process that goes beyond the obvious and into creative, imaginative and inventive solutions is essential.

I believe a solid background and understanding of the design problem-solving methods will prepare them for a professional field that is continually changing. Once they understand the design process, they can adapt it to their own methods and along with conceptual thinking be able to develop unique and creative solutions to visual problems.

The use of technology in the classroom must be seen as a medium, the computer as a tool. As a rule, I like to encourage my students to think, conceptualize, and sketch before even attempting to develop their ideas on the screen. Technology is ever changing, but having a good stable foundation of knowledge and a strong design process will aid students adapt to such changes